I learned the techniques of Traditional Thai massage in one of the most prestigious massage schools, Wat Pho in Thailand. I have not only developed strong skills in massage and meditation, but also built awareness of the energies surrounding us, their importance and how we can connect to them and to our beloved nature.


Today, I want to share this knowledge with the world. Our society can sometimes feel overwhelming, stressful and human connections are often missing. We can often feel disconnected and we know we just need a break, a time to breath and recenter. 


Massage Nelson  offers  a unique full body massage (clothes on) using traditional techniques of acupressure, deep tissue, stretching and yoga to realign the energy lines and feel more balanced. Over time, this massage has a true potential of healing and deep relaxation.


I am passionate about the connection between the human body and mother earth and I love to help people feel good; achieve their true potential while living a harmonious and balanced life. I am grateful to be able to offer you this massage for a better connection to yourself and to mother earth.


- With love and peace -



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