Traditional Thai Massage, Nelson, New Zealand

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Agathe has a combination of awareness and intuition that makes her therapy one of the best I have ever tried. I have seen therapists for more than three years for a chronic pain I couldn't get rid of, and none of them helped as much as Agathe's massage. She is simply very good. Paula 

Our Full body Traditional Thai Massage lasts either 60 minutes or 90 minutes and includes many different techniques depending on your requirements: 


Acupressure & Stretching techniques

Deep Tissue Massage

Guided meditation 

Breathing techniques


 For an enhanced sense of Well-Being



Agathe is the best! Every second spent at her studio is worth it. She provides the time and tools to help you connect with the moment and the place, which feels wonderful. Her massages are amazing—personalised and tailored to exactly what you need. She has always helped me relieve my pain instantly. I can't recommend her enough! Kira


I have a physical job and went to Agathe to relieve my muscle tension and to relax - it was amazing and great value for the time, atmosphere and skilled attention from Agathe. Highly recommend." Gary


This was my first experience with Thai floor massage. I am so amazed at the energising and relaxing effects the massage had on my body. As I have a daily yoga practice, I was really happy to find similar postures. Agathe knew how to guide me toward a very deep relaxation. Gabrielle


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