Do I need to be flexible?

You do not need to be flexible for this massage. The therapist will not push past your limits. The positions are simple and you will be guided through the entire massage. The massage will also increase your flexibility over time. 

What should I wear:

Wear confortable clothes which allow you to move freely. The therapist will be guiding you through different stretching and relaxing positions (similar to yoga positions).


Is this massage painful?

Techniques of traditional thai massage involve working on energy lines using acupressure techniques. Sometimes, the points of energy in our body along these lines are locked which can make them sensitive when touched. The therapist will guide you through different breathing techniques and will adapt the pressure to your requirements.

How often should I come:

We usually recommend regular sessions, at least one per month in order to realign the energy lines and avoid accumulated tensions. But this also depends on the symptoms of each patient. An acute pain in the body might take a few months to heal, and regular sessions can accelerate the healing process. However, some symptoms might take shorter to get rid off. Please ask the therapist if any questions arises. 

By receiving this massage regularly, you will start to feel more relaxed and calm in your daily life. As the lines of energy start unlocking, your body, mind and soul will feel more harmonious and balanced. Your flexibility will also increase.

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